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Dallas Arts Studio

11441 Stemmons Fwy Suite #161, Dallas, TX75229

TEL. 469-471-2852


Art is a gift that will last your child a lifetime! Quality art lessons provide challenging and enriching experiences that not only develops artistic technique but also enhance children's power of concentration and expression. At Dallas Arts Studio (DAS), we value the art process as much as the product. Our goal is to provide a rich, hands-on learning environment in which students can develop their artistic skills to the highest level. We are excited about sharing rewarding, creative experiences with your child as he or she grows in both technical skills and creative expression.  Another focus is incorporating the concept of elements and principals of design with drawing, painting, and computer graphic; thus resulting in better composition as well as refining critical thinking.

DAS offers Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced art. Adult instruction is available by request.

• BEGINNING ART (4-8 years)

• INTERMEDIATE ART (9-13 years)

• ADVANCED ART (13-18 years)

DAS Offers Extra-curricular art activity for College preparation.

Portfolio Preparation for Art Colleges.  


MONDAY       3pm - 7pm

TUESDAY       3pm - 7pm

FRIDAY          3pm - 7pm

SATURDAY     10pm - 5pm